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Recovering the debt

Recovering the debt If it's time to go down the formal legal route, use this checklist to help weigh up your options and explain what's involved in attempting to recover your money. ... Read more

Enforcing the judgment

Enforcing the judgment OK, you've now got your judgment. But enforcing it is often the tricky bit and how successful you are will determine whether you get paid or not. Use this checklist to run through the various ­options. ... Read more


PreventionIn an ideal world you'd want to be paid on time by every customer. Of course, there's no guarantee that you will achieve this, but use this checklist as a precaution to ensure you are not saddled with having to chase up too many slow or non-p... Read more

Chasing the non-payer

Chasing the non-payerIf you've a customer who simply won't pay, use this checklist to try to persuade them to settle your overdue account without the need to take them to court. ... Read more

Using external help

Using external helpFor various reasons, you've decided not to go it alone. Where else can you turn to for help and assistance in trying to recover the debt? Use this checklist to run through your options. ... Read more

Chasing the slow payer

Chasing the slow payerIt's essential to get the money in on time. Use this checklist to go about things the right way when it comes to getting your slow payers to cough up. ... Read more
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