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Challenging the Taxman's calculations

Can you challenge the Taxman's calculations?With self-assessment, there's an emphasis from the Taxman on records which seek to displace the profits shown in your accounts with an estimate based on a business economics exercise (BEN). How do you go abou... Read more

Dealing with a notice of enquiry letter

Dealing with a notice of enquiry letterAn enquiry is an examination of a self-assessment return to check that it is correct and complete. Your involvement in an enquiry usually begins when you receive a letter asking you to send further information. ... Read more

Do you have to sign the record of what was said?

Do you have to sign the record of what was said?If you do attend an interview, HMRC will make notes and use the answers against you if it can. It may ask you to sign them as a true record of the meeting. Should you?... Read more

Enquiries - what if HMRC wants to see you?

What if HMRC wants to see you?There is no statutory obligation to attend an interview and some advisors advocate non-attendance. However, if you decide to attend an interview, how should you react to HMRC's questions?... Read more

How to amend a tax return

What happens at the end of an enquiry?If the Taxman finds nothing wrong with your return, he should advise you of this and write to say so (in a closure notice). That is then the end of the matter. If he considers that there's something wrong, but doe... Read more

How to chase a repayment

How to chase a repaymentMost tax districts deal with taxpayers in strict alphabetical order. So if your surname begins with "T" you'll have quite a wait for any repayment due to you. How can you speed up the process?... Read more

How to get an enquiry closed down

How to get an enquiry closed downIf you believe you've given the Taxman all the information he's requested, you may ask him to close the enquiry. If he refuses, it might be because he's on a fishing expedition or does not have the courage to close down ... Read more

How to make a complaint and get compensation

How to make a complaint and get compensationUltimately, the Adjudicator's Office handles all complaints about the Taxman. However, the adjudicator will only examine a complaint if the right people in HMRC have seen it first. If you feel you have been ... Read more

Reviewing your tax return before filing

Reviewing your tax return before filingBefore filing your tax return, it's a good idea to carry out health checks on it with a view to reducing the chances of being selected for an enquiry. ... Read more
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