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Coronavirus health and safety policy

Coronavirus health and safety policyUse our policy to explain how you're managing the risk of coronavirus in the workplace.Viral actionIn our Coronavirus Health and Safety Policy template we have set out the procedures that your organisation will take... Read more

TUPE employee reps election result notice

TUPE employee reps election result noticeWhere you've held an election for employee representatives in a TUPE transfer situation, once the election process has been completed, affected employees will need to be advised of the outcome.Information and c... Read more

Parental bereavement leave policy

Parental bereavement leave policyOur policy covers entitlement to parental bereavement leave, notice requirements, the options for taking leave and the employee's rights on return to work, as well as the position on pay.The basic rightThe right to par... Read more

Letter treating uncertified sickness absence as unauthorised

Letter treating uncertified sickness absence as unauthorisedIf an employee has continually failed to submit a statement of fitness for work, or fit note, to cover a period of sickness absence of more than seven days, you can then treat their absence ... Read more

Rights following loss of pregnancy letter

Rights following loss of pregnancy letterWhere a pregnant employee suffers either a miscarriage or a stillbirth, send our letter to advise her of her entitlements to maternity and/or sick leave. Only employees who are more than 24 weeks pregnant will ... Read more

Parental bereavement leave and pay form

Parental bereavement leave and pay formTo take leave, the employee must simply notify you of the date of the child's death, when they want leave to start and whether that leave will be one or two weeks, and they can do this verbally. However, to recei... Read more

Flow chart - does your building need an HMO licence (England)

Flow chart - Does your building need an HMO licence (England)A premises home to several unrelated occupants is known to be at increased risk of fire so local authorities impose strict safety requirements via a licensing regime. How do you know if thi... Read more

Allergy emergency action plan

Allergy emergency action planA severe allergic reaction can prove fatal unless immediate and effective action is taken. Use our form to ensure you are prepared.What is covered?If you have staff (or students, residents, service-users etc.) who are at ... Read more

Procurement - annual review

Procurement - annual reviewIf you regularly use a contractor it's worthwhile checking their insurance cover, accreditations, etc. Our document can be used to review their arrangements. Formal checksAlthough it's usual to complete checks before a contra... Read more

Coronavirus risk assessment

Coronavirus risk assessmentIt's vital that you take reasonable steps to prevent staff from being exposed to coronavirus. Our risk assessment identifies the hazards and appropriate control measures to follow. PurposeOur Coronavirus Risk Assessment, in ... Read more
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