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Farmers' averaging election

If you carry on a farming or market gardening business, you can elect to average your profits over either two or five years. Farming Businesses that depend on a successful harvest are notoriously volatile in terms of profits. One bad crop can mean lo... Read more

Claim for relief for damaged asset

Capital gains tax may be payable on capital sums which derive from assets. For example, compensation payable to you for damage to an asset. However, if you use the amount received to repair or restore the asset, you might be entitled to defer the tax... Read more

Intro_Farmers' averaging election

FARMERS' AVERAGING ELECTION HMRC (insert address) (insert date) Dear Sirs (insert your name) (insert unique taxpayer reference) I am writing to make an election to average my farming profits over [two] [five] years (delete as appropriate). After ... Read more

Suspension letter

Suspension letter In cases of gross or very serious misconduct, you should give careful consideration to suspending the employee for a brief period during your disciplinary investigation and pending a formal disciplinary hearing. Use our suspension ... Read more

Outside business interests clause

Outside business interests clause Use our outside business interests clause to restrict the ability of an employee to take on other jobs or outside business interests, both during and outside their normal working hours. All work and no play It's quite... Read more

Internal fraud policy

Internal fraud policy It's definitely worth having an internal fraud policy statement to communicate your zero-tolerance attitude and approach to the threat of fraud and that this is likely to involve reporting fraudsters to the police. It can even he... Read more

Whistleblowing at work training notes

Whistleblowing at work training notes Use our training notes to assist with providing whistleblowing training to your workers. You'll need to do this if you want to avail yourself of the statutory reasonable steps defence to avoid being vicariously li... Read more

Intangible assets rollover relief claim

Intangible asset rollover relief claim If your company sells a chargeable intangible fixed asset, it can give rise to a gain which is subject to corporation tax. The gain cannot be deferred by purchasing tangible assets. However, if further intangibl... Read more

Food delivery checklist - ready to eat foods

If you sell food or provide it as part of a service, you have a legal duty to ensure that it's safe. One of the actions you can take to fulfil this duty is to check the quality and safety of products you receive from suppliers. Use our form to do this... Read more

Noise log - to be completed by complainant

If you have a neighbour whose noisy activities are really disrupting your business, what type of information should you gather in order to raise a formal complaint? Our record form will help. Getting the ball rolling Nuisance noise is not only distur... Read more
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