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Spouse's job description

Spouse's job descriptionA business can pay a salary to the spouse or other family member of its owner if they work for it. Having a formal job description will help justify the amount paid if HMRC decides to challenge it.spouse's payThe wages paid to a... Read more

Recovering the debt

Recovering the debt If it's time to go down the formal legal route, use this checklist to help weigh up your options and explain what's involved in attempting to recover your money. ... Read more

How to arrange cover

How to arrange coverFinding the right source to arrange your insurance is an important part of the process. You can either go direct to the insurance company or through an intermediary.... Read more

VAT reduced rate evidence log

VAT reduced rate evidence logWhere you provide construction services relating to buildings, you may be able to charge the 5% reduced VAT rate if you can prove the property meets the necessary conditions.Reduced rateThe reduced VAT rate applies to var... Read more

Electronic signatures clause

Electronic signatures clauseIf you put a suitable online platform in place, employees can sign their employment contracts using e-signatures, whether that means typing their name or a unique code into the contract or using a stylus pen. Use our claus... Read more

Grievance investigation plan

Grievance investigation planCreating an investigation plan for an appointed grievance investigation manager can provide them with a structured approach to follow when conducting their investigation. Appointment of investigation managerWhere an emplo... Read more

Internal announcement of employee's return to work

Internal announcement of employee's return to workUse our statement to announce to other staff that an employee is returning to work following long-term absence due to either sickness or maternity, adoption or shared parental leave or a career break.I... Read more

Menopause policy

Menopause policyEmployees transitioning through the menopause may be experiencing symptoms that can adversely impact their work life, so put in place our policy to set out how you'll support them.Legislative settingThe menopause will affect a signific... Read more

Election for quarantine period for agency worker

Election for quarantine period for agency workerInstead of paying a transfer fee or opting for an extended hire period where you want to directly employ a temporary agency worker, you could stop using the worker and wait for the quarantine period to ... Read more
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