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Structures and buildings allowance statement

Structures and buildings allowance statementIf you intend to claim the structures and buildings allowance, HMRC's guidance stipulates that a statement containing certain key information needs to be prepared.AllowancesHMRC's guidance indicates that to c... Read more

GDPR restriction of processing request form

GDPR restriction of processing request formOne of the data subject rights in the GDPR is to obtain restriction of processing of their personal data. Our form provides a straightforward way for them to make a request for this.The statutory rightUnder ... Read more

Failure to attend grievance meeting letter

Failure to attend grievance meeting letterIf an employee simply fails to turn up to a pre-arranged grievance meeting without any apparent reason or explanation, use our letter to promptly address that situation.A re-arranged meetingIt's important that... Read more

Social distancing reminder memo

Social distancing reminder memoAs the coronavirus lockdown eases, many employees have now returned to their workplaces. Where they have, it's essential they continue to maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Use our memo to r... Read more

Letter to ex-employee about personal belongings

Letter to ex-employee about personal belongingsIf an employee leaves their employment suddenly, it's possible they'll have left behind some personal items. You can use our letter to try and return these items to them.No opportunity to retrieveWhilst, e... Read more

Settlement agreement

Settlement agreementWhen you want to prevent an employee from issuing proceedings in relation to the infringement of their statutory employment rights on termination of their employment, consider going down the settlement agreement route. This is an ... Read more

Holiday shutdown clause

Holiday shutdown clauseIf you completely close down your business for a couple of weeks during, for example, the Christmas or summer period, you will probably want to ensure that the period of shutdown is taken by your employees as part of their annu... Read more

GDPR privacy notice for staff

GDPR privacy notice for staffThe GDPR sets out a list of detailed information that must be included in a privacy notice. Our GDPR privacy notice complies with this.Privacy notice requirementsA compliant privacy notice for the processing of personal d... Read more

GDPR data protection policy

GDPR data protection policyOur data protection policy statement reiterates the important data protection principles set out in the GDPR, outlines out how you intend to comply with them and clarifies what rights and obligations an employee has both in... Read more

Holidays policy

Holidays policyWorkers have a statutory right to a minimum of 5.6 weeks' (28 days') paid leave per annum. Whilst you'd think granting holidays and holiday pay is a relatively straightforward exercise, disputes over holiday pay are one of the most common... Read more
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