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Letter extending apprenticeship

Letter extending apprenticeshipIf an apprentice hasn't reached the standard necessary for completion of their apprenticeship by its end date, but you believe they'll meet it within a further reasonable time period, you might want to agree to extend the... Read more

Written statement of employment particulars

Written statement of employment particularsIssuing at least a basic statement of the main terms and conditions of employment is a legal requirement. But the use of a full-blown contract with clauses tailored to suit your needs offers you far greater ... Read more

Statement of employment particulars checklist

Statement of employment particulars checklistOur checklist contains a table which sets out all the employment particulars that must be included in a written statement from 6 April 2020.Statutory provisionsUnder the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA), a... Read more

GDPR erasure of data response letter

GDPR erasure of data response letterYou can use our letter to set out your reply to an individual's request, made under the GDPR, for erasure of some or all of their personal data that you hold about them. Erasure of personal dataWhere any of the grou... Read more

Key information document for agency workers

Key information document for agency workersIf you're an employment business, you must supply a key information document to each of your agency workers before you reach an agreement on terms with them.LegislationFrom 6 April 2020, regulation 13A Conduc... Read more

Absence management appeal meeting response

Absence management appeal meeting responseAfter you've held an absence management appeal meeting, you will need to formally notify the employee in writing of the outcome, and your decision here is usually final.Confirming the appeal decisionUse our No... Read more


Method statement - renderingIt's important that those who render walls are made aware of the safe systems of work to be followed. You can achieve this with our method statement. What to doThis Method Statement - Rendering specifies the activities to b... Read more

Procurement - outsourcing non-construction

Procurement - Outsourcing (Non-construction)If outsourcing a project to other contractors, use our document to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.Industry standardĀ If you engage subcontractors to complete projects on your behalf, it's ... Read more

Hand-arm vibration calculator

Hand-arm vibration calculatorExcessive use of vibrating tools can lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), a debilitating condition characterised by white fingers and a loss of feeling in the hands. Use our calculator to help you to control the ri... Read more

Occupational health exam and tests consent form

Occupational health exam and tests consent formIf you require an occupational assessment of an employee's health, you will need to obtain their permission first. Use our consent form to do this and to establish the ground rules.What is a health assess... Read more
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