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COT3 clause

COT3 clause Acas will normally draw up the agreement using a standard form known as a "COT3" when the settlement of a dispute between you and an employee is reached through Acas. This is an example of the wording that can be used on the form in relati... Read more

Confidentiality clause

Confidentiality clauseAn employee owes a duty of confidentiality to you, which continues during the period of employment and, to a more limited extent, after termination. The extent of the duty depends on the facts and circumstances of each case but ... Read more

Settlement agreement meeting proposal letter

Settlement agreement meeting proposal letterWhere you wish to propose a settlement agreement to an employee to terminate their employment on agreed terms, ideally start this with a meeting, but don't spring this on the employee. Our letter arranges an... Read more

Settlement agreement

Settlement agreementWhen you want to prevent an employee from issuing proceedings in relation to the infringement of their statutory employment rights on termination of their employment, consider going down the settlement agreement route. This is an ... Read more

Dignity at work policy

Dignity at work policyYou're not legally obliged to put in place a dignity at work policy. However, harassment on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation are all unlawful and implementi... Read more

Stress and mental wellbeing policy

Stress and mental wellbeing policyUse our statement to set out your policy on stress at work and on providing a working environment which supports employees' mental health and wellbeing. It also provides for you to offer a professional stress counsell... Read more

Employee warranties

Employee warrantiesOur warranties ask the employee to warrant that they have both the freedom to work and specific professional qualifications.Freedom to workOur Employee Warranties are drafted as a clause for insertion into a senior employee's employ... Read more

GDPR erasure of data request form

GDPR erasure of data request formThe GDPR enables individuals to make a request for the erasure of the personal data that you hold about them. You can use our form to assist them with making a request.The statutory rightUnder the GDPR, individual dat... Read more

Grievance investigation report

Grievance investigation reportOur report enables the investigation manager to summarise the grievance investigation they carried out, together with an explanation of their findings.Investigation summaryA fair grievance procedure doesn't absolutely req... Read more

Notice of absence management appeal meeting

Notice of absence management appeal meetingWhere an employee appeals against a warning for unsatisfactory attendance or a decision to dismiss them under your attendance procedure, use our letter to arrange an appeal meeting.Appeal processOnce you've m... Read more
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