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Response to antenatal appointment request

Response to antenatal appointment requestPregnant employees have a statutory right to take paid time off work to attend antenatal appointments. Where they request time off, use our letter to respond to them.Statutory rightUnder the Employment Rights ... Read more

Letter advising of NMW rate freeze

Letter advising of NMW rate freezeWhere the government imposes a freeze on any of the national minimum wage (NMW) rates, it's still worth writing to the affected employees to notify them that there will be no increase to their hourly rate of pay. Use ... Read more

Letter advising of NMW rate increase - due to legislation

Letter advising of NMW rate increase (due to legislation)All employers must pay their employees at least the national minimum wage (NMW). It is reviewed annually and, so far, it has always risen. When this happens, you should notify any staff affecte... Read more

Letter providing NMW statement

Letter providing NMW statementIf you employ any staff who are paid at national minimum or national living wage levels, it's good employment relations practice to advise them in writing of the government's annual increases.Annual increasesYou must pay y... Read more

Application form

Application formOnly seek personal information on an application form that is relevant to the recruitment decision. Our application form ensures you ask all the right questions.Of relevant applicationIf you require candidates to fill in an applicat... Read more

Equal opportunities monitoring form

Equal opportunities monitoring formOur equal opportunities monitoring form enables you to gather personal information about job applicants in order to ensure that your recruitment process is being carried out fairly and in a non-discriminatory way.Ke... Read more

Business travel policy

Business travel policyReducing the amount of travelling staff are asked to do has been singled out as one good way to cut the amount of carbon a business is responsible for. Cut the carbonTo help manage and restrict the costs associated with travel, ... Read more

Work at height checklist

Work at height checklistFalls are by far the most common cause of fatal accidents at work which is why there are specific regulations governing work at height. Our checklist will ensure your planned project is safe to proceed. In controlA Work at Hei... Read more

Register of health and safety legislation - substances

Register of health and safety legislation - substancesFor some businesses, it's a necessity to have a formal record of legislation which applies to its activities, e.g. if you're going for OHSAS 18001 certification. Our register will help.Putting toget... Read more

Coronavirus health and safety policy

Coronavirus health and safety policyUse our policy to explain how you're managing the risk of coronavirus in the workplace.Viral actionIn our Coronavirus Health and Safety Policy template we have set out the procedures that your organisation will take... Read more
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