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Garden preparation

Method statement - garden preparationBecause of the risks associated with garden landscaping you must identify the safe systems of work that your staff should follow.  What to do?To ensure that you give your staff sufficient practical guidance on ho... Read more

Letter seeking agreement to furlough leave

Letter seeking agreement to furlough leaveThe government has put in place a scheme enabling you to obtain a grant to pay part of your employees' wages if they've had to stop working during the coronavirus pandemic. Our letter guides you through seeking... Read more

Training requirement clause

Training requirement clauseWhilst you probably run staff training in-house and on-site, sometimes you might require employees to attend training courses run externally or off-site, and these could take place some distance from their normal place of w... Read more

GDPR data subject access clarification/refusal

GDPR data subject access clarification/refusalBefore responding to a data subject access request, the GDPR says that you can use reasonable means to verify the individual's identity, or you can ask them to be more specific about the data sought where y... Read more

Paternity rights following loss of pregnancy letter

Paternity rights following loss of pregnancy letterWhere an employee's wife or partner suffers either a miscarriage or a stillbirth, only if their wife or partner was more than 24 weeks' pregnant will the employee be eligible for paternity leave. Send ... Read more

Energy management policy

Energy management policyThe cost of energy used to be something that businesses didn't really pay much attention to; however, now prices have gone through the roof. To help you cut costs and to minimise your impact on the environment, follow our forma... Read more

Inspecting public areas checklist

Inspecting public areas checklistIf parts of your premises are accessible to members of the public, then you'll need to take special care to protect them. Our checklist will help you spot any problems.Why you need this checklistMembers of the public a... Read more

Compassionate leave clause

Compassionate leave clauseOur compassionate leave clause goes beyond the statutory right to time off for dependants and focuses on the death or very serious illness of an immediate family member. Subject to statutory provisions, it's really up to you ... Read more

Bereavement policy

Bereavement policyOur bereavement policy goes further than the statutory right to reasonable unpaid time off for dependants. As well as providing for paid or unpaid bereavement leave following the death of an immediate or wider family member, our pol... Read more

Leaves of absence policy

Leaves of absence policyIn addition to annual leave, sickness absence and the various statutory rights to time off (for example, maternity leave, parental leave, paternity leave, time off for dependants, parental bereavement leave, etc.), employees m... Read more
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