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Emergency grab pack contents

Emergency grab pack contentsAn emergency grab pack is something which you might consider pulling together for your premises as part of your emergency response procedures. Our checklist will help you decide what to include.What's covered?An emergency g... Read more

Construction - site health and safety inspection checklist

Construction - site health and safety inspection checklistWhen dealing with construction works, having accurate records of how health and safety is being managed can be invaluable. Use our checklist so you know what information you should record.Site... Read more

Cleaning of food preparation areas

Safety briefing - cleaning of food preparation areasIf you prepare or serve food, you'll need to ensure that staff are briefed in the requirements for cleaning surfaces and avoiding contamination. Use our briefing to do this.Good businessHaving clean ... Read more

Sanitary and washing facilities checklist

Sanitary and washing facilities checklistLegislation lays down certain standards for workplace sanitary and washing facilities that you're required to follow. An easy way of ensuring that you are doing this is to work through our checklist.Maintaining... Read more

Guidance note - dealing with protected species, heritage and cultural aspects

Guidance note - dealing with protected species, heritage and cultural aspectsWhen carrying out construction or alteration work it's important not to fall foul of legislation designed to protect habitats, species and archaeology. Our guidance note prov... Read more

Redundancy payments ready reckoner

Redundancy payments ready reckonerStatutory redundancy pay is the minimum payment that must be made to an employee who is to be made redundant. It is calculated according to age, length of service and their gross weekly pay.Redundancy paymentsIf the ... Read more

Unauthorised absence pay deduction clause

Unauthorised absence pay deduction clauseYou should ensure you reserve the right not to pay an employee for any period of unauthorised absence, which you can do with our clause. Unauthorised deductionsSubject to certain exceptions, e.g. income tax an... Read more

GDPR data subject rights clarification/refusal

GDPR data subject rights clarification/refusalUse our letter to respond to a data subject who has requested the erasure, rectification or restrictions on the processing of their personal data, where further information is required to identify the indi... Read more

Letter rescheduling performance review meeting

Letter rescheduling performance review meetingIf you need to postpone a scheduled performance review meeting, or if you agree to an employee's request to postpone, you can use our letter.Acas Code of PracticeThe statutory Acas Code of Practice on Disc... Read more

Request to witness to attend disciplinary hearing

Request to witness to attend disciplinary hearingIn some cases, it might be reasonable to invite a witness to attend a disciplinary hearing to give their evidence and answer questions in person. You can use our letter to do this.Acas Code of Practice... Read more
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