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Personal protective equipment policy

Personal protective equipment policyDepending on how much PPE is used in your business, it may be worth introducing a policy that sets out how you choose and allocate it to individual employees. Ours covers the key areas.PPE policyAs it isn't always p... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land emergency control procedure

Guidance note - contaminated land emergency control procedureIf you identify, or even suspect, that land may be contaminated, both you and your staff need to know what actions to take. The best way of achieving this is to have a formal policy in plac... Read more

Dealing with health and safety inspectors checklist

Dealing with health and safety inspectors checklistIf you've heard that a health and safety inspector (from the HSE or local authority) is intending to visit, you'll want to be prepared. Our checklist will help you do just that. To keep it simple, it's ... Read more


RedundancyMaking employees redundant is a task your business may never have to undertake. However, if you do have to perform this unpleasant task, you need to understand that it's procedure driven and getting it wrong could lead to a claim for unfair ... Read more

Demand for better service

Demand for better serviceIf you've had some work carried out and you're unhappy with either the quality of the workmanship or the materials used, or perhaps both, use our letter to obtain redress from the supplier.AdviceSometimes things go wrong and of... Read more

Home visit checklist

Home visit checklistWhen staff are visiting clients in their own homes there are all sorts of risks which you might not be aware of. However, you still have a responsibility for their safety. Our checklist will ensure that all hazards have been ident... Read more

Inducting your new employee

Inducting your new employeeInducting someone into the workplace is all about introducing them to the business, meeting their colleagues and clients and generally helping them settle in as quickly as possible to make them feel welcome. It's all about c... Read more

Enquiry - business economics exercise letter

Enquiry - business economics exercise letterYou might feel that the tax demand based on a business economics exercise routine is absolutely outrageous. What measured response should you give?Don't say too muchDuring an enquiry into a tax return there ... Read more

Directors and Officers insurance (D and O)

Directors' and Officers' insuranceAre you a director of a limited company? If so, long gone are the days when you could safely hide behind your company's shield and avoid liability if anything went wrong. Increasingly, company directors are in the firin... Read more

Making an offer and taking up references

Making an offer and taking up referencesHaving identified the successful candidate, an offer needs to be made and the potential employee must be checked out by taking up references to ensure that everything is in order. ... Read more
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