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Capital allowances for fixtures in buildings record

Capital allowances for fixtures in buildings recordSince April 2014 it has been crucial for prospective buyers of second-hand commercial buildings to ensure that the seller has allocated their expenditure on fixtures to a capital allowances pool befo... Read more

How to protect copyright

How do we protect our copyright? This checklist will help ensure you follow all the steps necessary to protect your copyright, e.g. not disclosing your idea to a third party without them first having signed a copyright agreement.  ... Read more

Fork lift truck safety procedure

Fork lift truck safety procedureIf operated by those not fully trained in their safe use, fork lift trucks can cause serious injuries or fatalities. For this reason, you should brief new staff on their safe use. Our procedure can help you do this.Saf... Read more

Waste minimisation and recycling policy

Waste minimisation and recycling policyThe only way of minimising waste effectively is if all your employees follow a formal waste minimisation and recycling policy. Adapt our document to suit your business and add it to your existing policies and pr... Read more

Minutes of an AGM

Minutes of an AGMMinutes of your company's AGM should be more formal than those of your company's board meetings. InformationAll minutes must contain the following information:the name of the chairmanplace, date and time of meetingthe names of everyone... Read more

Agreement to short notice of a general meeting

Agreement to short notice of a general meetingGeneral meetings of a company (in other words, members' meetings as opposed to directors' board meetings) require certain formalities to be complied with in order to be valid.  Notice requirementOne of the... Read more

Disabled and temporarily disabled checklist

Disabled and Temporarily Disabled ChecklistIt's important to consider the very specific health and safety needs of more vulnerable staff including those with a disability. Use our checklist to make sure you've covered everything.What's covered?The Disab... Read more

Notice that goods are ready

Notice that goods are ready Are you holding on to goods that a customer has failed to collect? Or are you refusing to hand back the goods until you've been paid? If you've ever been in this position and wondered what to do next, these notices will enab... Read more

Contractor checklist

Contractor checklist Due to the relatively high level of fatalities and accidents within the construction industry, you should take steps to vet any contractors that you plan on using for projects. A checklist system is a good way of doing this. Sel... Read more

Trade reference request

Trade reference requestWhenever you do business with anyone, particularly a new customer, it's very important you find out as much as possible about their financial position before you start trading with them. Our letter shows the questions you need a... Read more
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