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Ladder checklist

Ladder checklistMany accidents occur because users don't check the condition of the ladder first, or fail to make checks after repairs have been made. In order to reduce these risks, get your staff into the habit of checking equipment first.Ladder che... Read more

What can be trade marked

What can be trade marked? Make sure you know what protection is available before you embark on what might be an expensive and time consuming exercise. ... Read more

Leavers and the exit interview

Leavers and the exit interviewWhen you lose staff, make sure that any departure is handled as smoothly and as professionally as possible, including carrying out an exit interview.... Read more

Electrical tools visual inspection checklist

Electrical tools visual inspection checklistYou may find that you want to carry out visual inspections of your electrical hand tools between scheduled portable appliance tests. If so, a simple inspection can help you do this.Inspection checklistYou m... Read more

Workstation hotspot checklist

Workstation hotspot checklistUnfortunately, some staff still suffer from aches and pains from working at computer workstations; particularly from hot-desking. If this is true of your workplace, work through our checklist for some fast solutions.Works... Read more

What are intellectual property rights

What are intellectual property rights?Intellectual property (IP) can allow you to own things you create in a similar way to owning physical property. You can control the use of your IP, and use it to gain reward. This encourages further innovation an... Read more

Limited liability partnership agreement

Limited liability partnership agreementYou want the features of a partnership together with the benefits of "limited liability". You're therefore looking to form a limited liability partnership (LLP). Use our agreement as a basic framework.AdviceLimited... Read more

Compressed air safety procedure

Compressed air safety procedureIf misused, compressed air can cause serious injury, or even death. For this reason, you should introduce a safe system of work for its use. Our procedure can give you a head start on this.Compressed air safety procedur... Read more

Letter confirming insurance cover

Letter confirming insurance coverIf your employees regularly work on other business premises you may be asked for evidence of your public, and perhaps even your product liability, insurance cover.AdviceIn order not to delay the tendering process or e... Read more

Wastage losses record

Wastage/losses recordHMRC typically uses a mark-up of purchases to selling price to construct an anticipated sales figure. However, this doesn't generally allow for wastage/write-offs. So what simple records could you keep about "wastage"?Wasted stockProd... Read more
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