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Deed of trust for property

Deed of trust for propertyIf property is owned jointly, HMRC tax any rental income on each of the joint owners equally. However, a deed of trust can be used to transfer some or all of the beneficial entitlement from one joint owner to the other so th... Read more

Minute recording a director-s disclosure of interest

Minute recording a director's disclosure of interestDirectors must disclose any conflicts of interest to the board. Use our quick check to ensure that you don't get things wrong in the boardroom.AdviceThe basic rule is that a director has a duty to avo... Read more

Deed of variation

Deed of variationThe terms of a will can be varied by agreement among the beneficiaries so that the residue of an estate passes on different terms than those included in the will. This is known as a deed of variation. These are often used to improve ... Read more

Directors' liability

Directors' liabilityLimited liability should mean that a director cannot be personally liable for the actions of the ­company. But it's not always so straightforward - use this checklist to see why.... Read more

Chasing the slow payer

Chasing the slow payerIt's essential to get the money in on time. Use this checklist to go about things the right way when it comes to getting your slow payers to cough up. ... Read more

What HMRC is likely to ask

What HMRC is likely to askThere's a pretty standard set of questions that the inspector will ask at interview. These are mostly designed to undermine the records you've kept and so allow them to make a demand for tax on missing income/profits or over-cl... Read more

Working time regulations policy

Working Time Regulations policyAdult workers cannot be forced to work for more than 48 hours a week on average, although they can voluntarily agree to work more than this. Our Working Time Regulations Policy statement aims to ensure that you comply w... Read more

Refusal of business terms letter

Refusal of business terms letterUse this letter to revise a supplier's terms and conditions which may be prejudicial to your position.Terms and conditionsYou have signed an order document which has no terms and conditions at all. The supplier then sen... Read more

Develop and deliver effective fire training

Develop and deliver effective fire trainingCreating, developing and delivering your own fire safety training can be a daunting task. Although we have already provided the material to use, you may need a little help in putting the training session tog... Read more

Ladder checklist

Ladder checklistMany accidents occur because users don't check the condition of the ladder first, or fail to make checks after repairs have been made. In order to reduce these risks, get your staff into the habit of checking equipment first.Ladder che... Read more
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