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Driving at work

Driving at workJust because some of your employees are out on the road, doesn't mean you're not responsible for their safety. Make sure you still operate a safe system of work. Use this checklist to help achieve this. ... Read more

Procedure for using ladders

Procedure for using laddersFollowing recent legal changes, it's even more important to ensure that your staff are aware of the importance of using ladders safely. So why not use our procedure to help you? It's also a useful way of reinforcing staff tra... Read more

Letter confirming verbal order

Letter confirming verbal orderBy law you can make a contract to buy or sell goods or services without having anything in writing between the parties. To avoid ending up in an expensive dispute, put details of the agreement in writing in a letter form... Read more

Record of responsibilities

Record of responsibilitiesComplying with legislative requirements inevitably means keeping a number of documents up-to-date. For this reason, it's best to keep a record of who is responsible for each form.Record of responsibilitiesOne inevitable side-... Read more

Board meetings

Board meetingsEffective board meetings are necessary in any successful company. How should you run yours for maximum effect and in line with legal requirements?... Read more

Business-to-business terms and conditions of sale

Business-to-business terms and conditions of saleStay ahead in your business dealings by using this model of standard terms and conditions for supplying goods to your business customers.Late payment chargesIn addition to charging interest on monies d... Read more

Property management company contract

Property management company contractCompany tax rates are lower than those for individuals, so it might make sense to divert some of your rental income from properties you own personally into your own property management company. In order to avoid a ... Read more

Chainsaw safety checklist

Chainsaw safety checklistChainsaws can be very dangerous if safety procedures for their use are not followed. For this reason, we have devised a checklist to help you monitor whether your procedures are working properly.Chainsaw safetyAs chainsaws ar... Read more

Form 2 New Section 25 Notice- landlord opposing renewal

Form 2 - New Section 25 Notice: landlord opposing renewalIf you receive one of these, then you've a potential fight on your hands in order to remain in your business premises. For all the following reasons, you may find yourself up a creek, without a ... Read more

Managing cash flow

Managing cash flowKeeping the cash flowing is vital in any business. This checklist gives some valuable pointers.  ... Read more
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