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Contractor checklist

Contractor checklist Due to the relatively high level of fatalities and accidents within the construction industry, you should take steps to vet any contractors that you plan on using for projects. A checklist system is a good way of doing this. Sel... Read more

Trade reference request

Trade reference requestWhenever you do business with anyone, particularly a new customer, it's very important you find out as much as possible about their financial position before you start trading with them. Our letter shows the questions you need a... Read more

Directors' meeting to raise finance draft minutes

Directors' meeting to raise finance: draft minutesCompany law and good management determine the need for a directors' resolution to approve the raising of a bank loan. In practice the bank will insist on this formal documentation.AdviceEntering into ... Read more

Land and buildings tenancy in common declaration

Land and buildings tenancy-in-common declarationYou may need a tenancy-in-common declaration for a variety of reasons. Use it as evidence to satisfy HMRC that the property is now actually owned in unequal proportions.Split to your needsA Tenancy-in-c... Read more

Fire training and instruction record sheet

Fire training and instruction record sheet All occupants/employees are required to have appropriate and adequate instruction and training in the actions to be taken in the event of a fire. This should be given as soon as possible once they have commen... Read more

Load handling - preliminary risk assessment

Load handling - preliminary risk assessmentIf your staff are involved in handling loads and there's a possibility of injury, then you'll need our load handling - preliminary risk assessment form.When to use the formAccording to the Manual Handling Oper... Read more

Employee scale rate clearance letter

Employee scale rate clearance letterWhere you have a number of directors or employees who travel frequently, you can reduce the administration involved in processing their expense claims by giving them a flat rate allowance to cover items such as lun... Read more

First aid needs checklist

First aid needs checklistAs you have considerable freedom in assessing your own first aid needs, make the most of it. With this in mind, use our checklist in order to help you determine what provisions your business actually needs.First aid needs che... Read more

Demand for delivery of goods

Demand for delivery of goodsIf your company has ordered goods, and the supplier has failed to deliver, use our letter to protect your position and to ensure delivery takes place, failing which the purchase money is to be refunded.AdviceWhen ordering ... Read more

Requisition by a shareholder for a general meeting

Requisition by a shareholder for a general meetingThis is a device that members can use to force the company to hold a general meeting in order to discuss a particular resolution(s) that the members want to debate and vote on.  It can also be used t... Read more
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