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Contract for services

Contract for servicesHMRC's aim is to reclassify freelancers such as consultants as employees and insist that PAYE and NI is due on the total amount paid to them. Having a realistic contract for services in place will provide evidence that the engagem... Read more

Energy management policy

Energy management policyThe cost of energy used to be something that businesses didn't really pay much attention to; however, now prices have gone through the roof. To help you cut costs and to minimise your impact on the environment, follow our forma... Read more

Electronic devices policy

Electronic devices policyWhen removing the Home Computer Initiative back in 2006, HMRC accidentally opened the door to charging tax on private use of any electronic device, such as a laptop or tablet, provided to employees by their company. How can y... Read more

Memo: invoices for motor expenses

Memo: invoices for motor expensesHow expenses are controlled is always at the top of HMRC's list of questions during a compliance visit. Using our memo should help you to dismiss enquiries about motor expenses very quickly, before they become too deta... Read more


GuaranteeIf you've a potential customer whose references aren't too clever, but you're still tempted to take them on board, why not consider taking a personal guarantee in order to give yourself extra security? Our form enables you to pursue this as an ... Read more

Construction supervisor's checklist

Construction supervisor's checklistYou probably realise that you need to monitor site safety, but are you sure of what to check, and do you have a record of the checks made? If the answer is "no", our Construction Supervisor's Checklist should help.When ... Read more

Employers' Liability insurance (ELI)

Employers' Liability insuranceIf you employ one or more employees, then you must have Employers' Liability insurance (ELI) in place. You must be insured for at least £5m and have the policy displayed where your employees can see it.... Read more

Letter disputing an invoice

Letter disputing an invoiceIf you work on an informal basis with suppliers without the use of standard terms and conditions, use our letter to deal with any part of the supplier's invoice which you find unacceptable.How to protest?Say you have ordered... Read more

Personal protection

Personal protectionPersonal protective equipment (PPE) is all about making sure your employees are wearing the right type of equipment to protect them against risks to their health or safety. Use this checklist to ensure your PPE remains effective.... Read more

Suitable premises

Are the premises suitable?Use this checklist to help marshal your thoughts so that you can decide upon something suitable.  ... Read more
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