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Publicity The law requires you to display certain information about your business in a variety of places. You need to take care here as directors can become personally liable.  ... Read more

Salary sacrifice letter to employee

Salary sacrifice letter to employeeWhere you enter into a salary sacrifice arrangement with an employee it will only be effective for tax and NI purposes where you have notified them of the consequences. Benefit in kind instead of salarySince 6 April... Read more

How companies work

How do companies work? Companies are governed by their own set of rules and regulations that you need to be aware of  and comply with.... Read more

What to pay your employee

What to pay your employeeYou are quite at liberty to pay your employees whatever you like, subject to complying with the National Minimum Wage. However, to retain your best staff, you might need to pay above the going market rate, provided your busin... Read more

Letter of offer to settle by arbitration

Letter of offer to settle by arbitrationIf you have been in dispute with a customer or a supplier for some time and want to avoid the expense of going to court, try offering to settle the matter by arbitration.Purpose of letterArbitration hearings... Read more

Customer satisfaction note

Customer satisfaction noteIf you work in the customer service sector, or the building trades, head off customer disputes and get paid quicker by using our satisfaction note.Cover your positionAs your job comes to an end, but before you send out your ... Read more

Guide to material safety data sheets

Guide to safety data sheetsSafety data sheets provide vital information on how to use chemicals safely. However, if you need help in understanding how to get the most from this information, our easy-to-use guide can help.Material safety data sheetsIn... Read more

Chemical inventory sheet

Chemical inventory sheetAs part of good risk management, it's vital to know what chemicals you have stored on your premises and where. One easy way of doing this is to use a chemical inventory sheet.Chemical inventory sheetIf you use hazardous or larg... Read more

Guidance note - selection and management of waste contractors

Guidance note - selection and management of waste contractorsAlthough the Environment Agency, Defra and the local authorities are doing their best to remove the cowboys from the waste business, unfortunately, many still exist. To help you to avoid th... Read more

Agreement to use of electronic communications

Agreement to use of electronic communicationsThe Companies Act allows communications between the company and its members by e-mail and through its website. The articles either have to allow this or the members need to pass a resolution.  Additionall... Read more
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