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Visitor safety checklist

Visitor safety checklistAs you have legal responsibilities for the safety of visitors as well as staff, you need to ensure that they are safe in using your premises. We've designed a visitor safety checklist to help you.Visitor safetyIrrespective of w... Read more

Electrical equipment inventory

Electrical equipment inventoryWith the sheer volume of electrical equipment now found in a typical office, it's easy to miss items that need portable appliance testing. Avoid this in future by using an inventory to record equipment details.Electrical ... Read more

Using external help

Using external helpFor various reasons, you've decided not to go it alone. Where else can you turn to for help and assistance in trying to recover the debt? Use this checklist to run through your options. ... Read more

Asthma management checklist

Asthma management checklistAsthma due to workplace exposure is now the most frequently reported disease. As a sufferer may never work again, you should assess the potential risks. Our checklist can help you do this.Managing asthmaOne health hotspot t... Read more

Leasehold premises

Why should we consider leasehold premises?A leasehold premises can offer many advantages over a freehold - but there are pitfalls too. You need  to be aware of them all to be able to make a balanced decision.  ... Read more

No contract

No contractChances are that at some time, another business will contact you claiming that you've entered into a verbal contract which you know nothing about! Our letter is designed to help you respond to such an allegation with the aim of putting thi... Read more

Guidance note - how to avoid creating a statutory nuisance

Guidance note - how to avoid creating a statutory nuisanceA statutory nuisance can be attributed to the poor state of your premises or any noise, odour, smoke, fumes, gas, dust steam, noxious vapours, the keeping of animals, deposits and accumulatio... Read more

Deed of assignment of life policy

Deed of assignment of life policyAs part of your estate planning you might want to transfer a life insurance policy to someone else, say a son or daughter. You can do this by assigning the benefits of the policy to them. Share your estateYou cannot g... Read more

Canteen facilities policy

Canteen facilities policyIf you provide your employees with a staff canteen or restaurant, it's useful to include a brief provision in your staff handbook advising them of this discretionary benefit and of the facility's opening hours.Lunch on the jo... Read more

Cancellation due to delay

Cancellation due to delaySometimes when you order goods, you need to ensure that they're delivered exactly at the date and time that you've specified. Use our letter so that this can be achieved.AdviceUnless you specify when goods are to be delivered... Read more
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