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How to deal with late payment

How to deal with late payment Late payment is the bane of any business. Whilst you can't physically force your customers to pay on time you can at least make life easy for them and be sure of your own position.  ... Read more

Guidance note - contaminated land remediation techniques

Guidance note - contaminated land remediation techniquesIf you have, or are intending to purchase, land that you know to be contaminated, then you'll need to remediate the land. This can be achieved in a number of ways - all of which are detailed in o... Read more

Manual handling checklist

Manual handling checklistAssessing the risks to staff from manual handling is a legal requirement. To help you do this, we have introduced a checklist that can be used in a variety of different working environments.Reducing handling risksApart from t... Read more

New and expectant mothers policy

New and expectant mothers policyEmployees who are pregnant or have recently given birth need extra care and attention to protect them from workplace hazards. Use our policy to demonstrate that you have all the health and safety laws in this area cove... Read more

Request to bank to stop a cheque

Request to bank to stop a chequeVery occasionally and very much as a last resort you may need to act quickly to stop a cheque that you've just issued. Our letter, addressed to your bank manager, will help you achieve this safely.AdviceExtreme caution ... Read more

Mobile access towers checklist

Mobile access towers checklist Since work at height legislation was introduced in 2005, there has been an increasing need to use safer forms of access in order to carry out such work. With this in mind, use our checklist in order to ensure that all t... Read more

Legionella checklist

Legionella checklistIf not well managed, legionella bacteria can build up in your water system and lead to Legionnaire's disease. This can be avoided by using our checklist.Managing legionella risksThe fact that you provide washrooms means that you ha... Read more

Carrying out a risk assessment

Carrying out a risk assessment All employers are required to carry out risk assessments. Use this checklist to guide you through what they should cover.... Read more

Environmental management responsibilities

Environmental management responsibilitiesMaking roles and responsibilities crystal clear to directors, managers and staff will help to minimise the risks of an environmental incident taking place. It will also help to ensure the success of any "green" ... Read more

Stress at work health and safety policy

Stress at work policyWith stress related problems now being the second biggest cause of sickness absence, you should have a stress policy in place. Take a look at ours to help you avoid any unnecessary absences.Stress at workAccording to recent resea... Read more
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