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Suitable premises

Are the premises suitable?Use this checklist to help marshal your thoughts so that you can decide upon something suitable.  ... Read more

Employee personal appreciation gift letter

Employee personal appreciation gift letterThere are very few circumstances in which an employee can receive tax-free cash from an employer. But a gift made "on personal grounds" or as a "mark of appreciation" might be one of them. How do you go about pro... Read more

Accident claim management checklist

Accident claim - management checklistSince the introduction of "no win, no fee" legislation, many employers have experienced an increase in claims against them. To play it safe, use our checklist to ensure that you have the right information to hand.Ma... Read more

What should your terms and conditions include

What should your terms and conditions include? This checklist includes all the essentials of a contract (needed to protect your position) and several that you can include to suit the needs of your business.  ... Read more

Letter of wishes to accompany a will

Letter of wishes to accompany a willUsing a letter of wishes can remove uncertainty for those looking after your money and assets after you die.UncertaintyWhen you draft your will you generally express exactly how you want your estate to be divided u... Read more

Agency agreement

Agency agreementIf you wish to supply goods through a strict agency agreement with a retailer on a sale or return basis, use this form of agreement to protect your position.Our form of agreement seeks to protect the position of the principal (as the¬... Read more

Homeworking health and safety policy

Homeworking policyIf homeworking is a common occurrence in your business, or is likely to become so, consider having a separate policy to cover it. Ours concentrates on the needs of this particular group of employees.Purpose of homeworking policyDepe... Read more

Passing off letter

Passing off letterWhat can you do if you discover that another business is using either the same or a similar name to your own? In order to protect your name, use our letter to send as an opening shot, in the hope that litigation can be provided.Adv... Read more

Form 1 New Section 25 Notice- landlord not opposing renewal

Form 1 - New Section 25 Notice: landlord not opposing renewalIf one of these arrives on your doormat, courtesy of your landlord, ignore it at your peril. Our draft notice gives you an idea what to expect with some advice on how to respond to it.Advic... Read more


How much rent should we pay?No one in business wants to pay any more rent than they have to. You need to check the leasehold agreement to see what the landlord can get away with. ... Read more
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