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How to deal with the “job ghosting” trend

Apparently, there has been a sharp rise in job ghosting. This is where an employee disappears without any notice or contact. If it looks like you’ve been ghosted by one of your employees, how should you handle it?


Data subject access requests: illegible meeting notes

An employee has made a data subject access request (DSAR) under the GDPR. Your response will need to include a copy of meeting notes, but the note taker’s handwriting is illegible. Are you obliged to provide a typed version as well?


Is holiday lost if it’s not taken?

It’s coming towards the end of your holiday year and one employee hasn’t applied to take all of their statutory annual leave entitlement. Will they lose that holiday if they don’t act before the end of this period?


£1 million compensation over car park dispute

The tribunal has awarded an employee £1 million after it ruled he had been unfairly dismissed and suffered race discrimination following an argument in a car park. What went wrong?


Easier right to work checks

From 28 January 2019 it will be much easier to check right to work status in certain situations by using the Home Office’s Right to Work Checking Service. When can it be used?


Lone workers staying late at work

It’s been noticed that an employee has started staying behind to work late and is often the only person on the premises after hours. Should you ask them to stop doing this or let them get on with it?


Statutory bereavement leave and pay


When is a business a partnership?

In a recent case the First-tier Tribunal ruled on whether a partnership existed for tax purposes. How might this help you argue your case where HMRC disputes the existence of a partnership?


What information is HMRC entitled to?

Out of the blue you’ve received a request from HMRC for more information about your accounts. As the time limit for an enquiry has passed, is HMRC entitled to it or can you refuse?


Have you created your business tax account?

Some aspects of Making Tax Digital are on a go slow while others are being ramped up by HMRC. For example, if you don’t have one you’ll need to set up a digital business tax account (BTA). Why, and how do you do it?


New tax regime for company cars?

To start the new year the government has launched a review of vehicle taxes linked to CO2 emissions. Rumours are that official emissions levels will rise. How might this affect your choice of company car?