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Self-assessment for stress

When an employee reports that they’re suffering from stress at work, they’re likely to be in an emotional state. To properly understand the causes and potential solutions use our self-assessment checklist.


You’re so old, we’re worried you might die!

In January 2019 an 88-year-old secretary became the oldest person to successfully claim discrimination on the grounds of age at the tribunal. How did her employer get the law wrong?


Insist on sickness absence reports by phone

Apparently, 20% of employees don’t understand why they must personally phone their line manager when they are off sick. They think they should be able to send an e-mail or text instead. Why is phone reporting so important?


A written statement on day one

The government is extending the right to receive a written statement of employment particulars to all workers from day one of employment. When will this come into force and how can you prepare for it?


Criminal records checks unlawful?

The Supreme Court has decided that the criminal records check system is incompatible with human rights laws, namely the right to privacy. Does this mean you can’t carry out these checks any more?

Job duties

Employee refuses new job tasks

You’ve recently asked one of your employees to carry out some new tasks as part of their job role, but they are refusing to do them. What’s the legal position here and how should you handle their refusal?


Control fumes and odours on site

If your premises is emitting a nasty smell, you can be sure of attracting complaints from the neighbours. To prevent this type of pollution use our checklist to review your operations.


£1.3 million to be paid back by waste criminal

The Environment Agency has used proceeds of crime legislation to ensure that a waste criminal pays back his ill-gotten gains or face a much longer jail sentence. What are the details?


Water abstraction licences revoked

Network Rail Infrastructure is one of several companies having its water abstraction licence revoked as part of new measures taken by the Environment Agency. What’s happening and how could you be affected?


Several waste proposals on the table

The government has launched four consultations that detail its plans to improve how waste is managed. What do these cover and when can you expect any proposed changes to come into effect?