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New NI break for employers


PPE is not enough

An auditor has said that although you’re providing the correct gloves and masks for the job, you’re not doing enough to control the risk from chemicals. What is the “hierarchy of risk control” they’ve referenced, and how must you apply it?


We can’t accommodate the 14-day quarantine period

An employee wants to travel to a country that isn’t on the government’s travel corridor list. If they go, they’ll need to self-isolate for 14 days on their return. As they can’t work from home, can you refuse their annual leave request?


Job Retention Bonus: £1,000 per eligible employee

To encourage the retention of previously furloughed employees, the government has announced a Job Retention Bonus of £1,000 per eligible employee. What conditions must be met to qualify?


Redundancy: must you offer a right of appeal?

Having exhausted all other options, you need to make some redundancies. Where an employee is selected for redundancy, must you offer them a right of appeal against your decision?


Act now to rectify furlough grant errors

HMRC will be seeking to recover all wrongly claimed furlough payment grants. However, employers who have made innocent mistakes in their claims have been given time to rectify their errors. When must you act by?


Q&A - can we ask for minimum experience?


Apprenticeship funding, incentives and standards

The government is clear that apprenticeships are key to revitalising the economy and providing employment for young people. But what are the key developments you need to know about?


Solving pension tax relief inequality

The Treasury has published a call for evidence suggesting solutions to the current problems with pension tax relief. What are these problems and what are the proposals to fix them?


Giving salary back isn’t that easy

Whilst many people are losing their jobs due to the economic impact of the pandemic there are others in a more fortunate position who want to give up their salary to help their employer or a charity. What does this mean for payroll?


HMRC to charge debit card fee