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Sickness absence during probation

You recently hired a new employee who is currently on probation. They’ve now gone off sick and are likely to be absent for several weeks. Can you extend their probation period automatically?


New NI break for employers


Tribunal procedure changes

Several important changes have been made to the tribunal procedure rules and Acas early conciliation (EC) process to ease the burden on the overloaded system. What do you need to know?


Alternative employment was constructive dismissal

An employee who was given a new job role during a restructuring process has successfully claimed constructive dismissal. Why was this the outcome if she was being offered alternative employment instead of redundancy?


Cut pay for permanent homeworking?

Following the lockdown, you may receive requests for permanent homeworking. Could you agree to them in return for a pay cut?


Job ad for “happy” employee banned

The Department for Work and Pensions has banned an employer’s job ad seeking a “happy” employee. It claimed that the word “happy” is unlawful and cannot be used when recruiting. Is this true?


New rules and lockdowns

With an increased number of reported cases and new restrictions in place, should you be bringing staff back to the workplace or keeping them at home?


Ensuring payroll data accuracy

The payroll team arguably has responsibility for the largest controllable cost in most businesses - its salary bill. What controls do you need to have in place to protect the company’s bank balance and reputation?


Homeworking allowance eased

HMRC’s October “Employer Bulletin” was a bumper edition, covering homeworking, NI numbers and student loans. What are the key points?