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Defer CGT payment on property

Since April 2020, clients have been required to pay any tax due on disposals of land or property within 30 days of completion. But can they defer the payment until later?


Ten steps to reopening safely after coronavirus lockdown

With the easing of coronavirus restrictions, many businesses are starting to get back to a relatively normal operation. However, you need to do so with caution. We’ve compiled a ten-step plan to keep you on the straight and narrow. What does it include?


Employee denied remote working awarded £60,000

A small employer has been ordered to pay a former employee £60,000 because her request for remote working was denied. Such requests can be refused if there are legitimate grounds, but this employer made a serious error. What was it?


Have all of my colleagues had the vaccine?

One of your employees is refusing to return to the workplace unless you can guarantee that all of their colleagues have received the COVID-19 vaccine. What’s the best way to handle this tricky situation?


Should you be correcting your SEISS claim?

You’ve received payments under the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS), including the fourth grant. However, HMRC expects you to review your claims and repay any overpayments. What should you be checking?


When can you get rid of an ex-employee’s personnel file?

You keep a personnel file for each employee which is likely to include a stack of information, much of it highly personal. Once an employee leaves your employment, when can you dispose of this file?


SEISS round four launched

HMRC has published details on the fourth Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant. You’ve heard that not everyone who qualified for the SEISS before will be eligible this time. Who’s entitled and who’s not?


Reclaiming VAT on staff homeworking allowances

You’re downsizing your office and have asked a few staff to permanently change to homeworking. You’ll pay them a one-off allowance towards the cost of setting up their home workspace. Can you reclaim the VAT they incur?


Keep-fit tax incentive for company owners

Because of the pandemic you let your gym membership lapse but you’re about to renew it. You’ve heard that there’s a tax break relating to sporting facilities if your company provides them. Is it something you might take advantage of?


Resolving HMRC disputes - tribunals, ADR or both?

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for tax has changed a lot since its introduction. With HM Courts & Tribunals Service currently suffering delays should you now consider it the best way to resolve a deadlock with HMRC?