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Workplace pranks, injuries and employers’ liability

In October 2017 an employee sued her employer for £58,000. She had been injured after a colleague deliberately pulled her chair away as she sat down. However, the court said the employer wasn’t liable. Why was this?


Must you hire a GDPR specialist?

In May 2018 the Data Protection Act 1998 will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation. On the back of this important change, many “GDPR specialists” are touting their services. Must you hire one?


Contract change costs £22,000

An employee has been awarded £22,000 by the tribunal because his employer imposed a change to his working hours. Why was this such a costly error?


How long do you have to issue a P45?

In October 2017 a prankster handed Theresa May a P45. Although she hasn’t changed jobs, this document must be given to an employee when they leave your employment. Does the law state by when you must issue it?


The best way to handle several minor issues

One of your employees is driving you to distraction. Whilst there’s no major problem that would justify you taking formal action, each week there’s a minor performance or misconduct issue. How should you handle it?


Risk assessment process flow chart

If your staff are asked to carry out general risk assessments, you can help them with our flow chart. It summarises the steps to be taken, with hints at how to complete each stage. What’s covered?


Large potted plant grows a racial harassment claim

An employee who complained that the positioning of a large potted plant amounted to segregation has won his claim of racial harassment. What happened and where did the employer go wrong?


What are the key risks to lone workers?

Those who are employed in lone working roles face a variety of risks. The most obvious one is the threat of violence, but what other key areas should you consider when undertaking a risk assessment for these types of worker?


Must you ban Christmas trees in your workplace?

Every year, several of your employees have great fun decorating a workplace Christmas tree. This year, a new member of staff has said that you should stop this tradition as it’s an unlawful practice. Are they right?