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The safety impact of coronavirus

There are side effects of the coronavirus that could impact your arrangements for managing health and safety risks. What should you be aware of and what steps should you be taking to maintain standards?


Simple manual handling guidance updated

The HSE has published a revised version of its short guide to managing manual handling risks. What has changed this time around and is this guidance something that you should be following?


Dealing with Covid-19 at work

A global emergency has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) over the coronavirus outbreak. Should you be taking emergency action too?


Major changes to written statements

On 6 April 2020 important changes will be made to the right to receive a written statement of employment particulars. What’s new?


Coronavirus and homeworking

Many employees are asking to work from home to reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. What options are available to you here?


Parental bereavement leave and pay

From 6 April 2020 employees who lose a child or suffer a stillbirth at 24 or more weeks will have the right to two weeks’ statutory parental bereavement leave (SPBL). Is this paid time off?


Poor performance: must you consider an alternative role?

You have an underperforming employee who you really want to dismiss. However, a manager says that before you can do this you must consider whether you have a suitable alternative role for them. Is this true?


Is concealing wrongdoing gross misconduct?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal has considered whether an employee can be dismissed for gross misconduct where the employer discovers that they’ve deliberately concealed wrongdoing. What do you need to know?


Coronavirus and GDPR breaches

During the coronavirus pandemic it’s possible that employers and their employees might inadvertently breach the GDPR. If this happens are you at risk of enforcement action?


Employee who won’t stop swearing

An employee has started using bad language on a regular basis and several of their colleagues have complained. You’re becoming concerned that it could upset a client or a customer. How should you handle the situation?


The new coronavirus isolation notes

Anyone who’s been advised to isolate because of the coronavirus pandemic can obtain an “isolation note” through a new online service. At what point should an employee provide this document?