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Brief your staff on your health and safety policy

You have produced a written health and safety policy, but do your staff know all they need to about it? Use our safety briefing document to run through how it affects them.


Q&A - no medical evidence submitted


The GDPR reference exemption

Under the GDPR employees have rights to access personal data. However, the new Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) carves out a specific exemption for references. What do you need to know?


The GDPR: personal data breaches

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) potentially makes employers liable for personal data breaches. What are they and how should you respond to them?


A motivational trick to improve performance

You have an employee who does their job well but there are a couple of things you would really like them to do differently. There’s one approach you could take which is likely to get them to comply without hesitation; what is it?


Study shows standing desks are bad for health

Standing at a desk has been promoted as beneficial to health and has led to some employers buying expensive height-adjustable desks. But now a study has shown that there are health risks associated with standing. What was found?


Cash basis - decision time for some landlords

As a landlord you might need to make extra calculations when completing your 2017/18 tax return because of the new basis for working out profit. What sort of adjustments are required and is there a way to avoid having to make them?


Staff perks - are you missing out on VAT recovery?

Sometimes you provide perks to your employees as a reward. Your last bookkeeper didn’t reclaim the VAT on these as she said it wouldn’t save you money. But your new bookkeeper says you should reclaim the VAT. Who is right?


Irrelevant alternatives to boost webshop sales

Recognising a growing trend away from traditional sales channels, you’re keen to make more of your website sales. How could a TED Talk that’s almost a decade old help you set effective online prices?


Self-employed contractor was really employed

In June 2018 the Supreme Court ruled that a plumber was a worker directly engaged by the company that had hired him, rather than an “independent contractor” as stated in their contract. Why did this happen?


Avoiding HMRC’s anti-avoidance trap for entrepreneurs

You plan to wind up your current business and use the money to start a new one. Your accountant warns that tax anti-avoidance rules might block the tax break on the old business. How can you prevent this?