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Preparing for winter

Each year businesses undergo challenges when winter arrives. Workers complain of being cold, vehicles get stuck, equipment breaks down, etc. What should you do to prepare?


Safe driving: from the front

A poll which looked at dodgy behaviour at the wheel has identified a particular group of staff as the worst offenders. Who are they and what do researchers say needs to happen?


Unfairly dismissed for calling boss “a tw@t”

The tribunal has ruled that an employee who was sacked for calling his boss “a tw@t” was unfairly dismissed and awarded him £19,000. What did the employer do wrong in the dismissal procedure?


Why wasn’t being called a “fat ginger pikey” harassment?

In a 2018 case, the employee claimed harassment after he was called a “fat ginger pikey” by co-workers. However, he lost his appeal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Why was this?


UK is the “sickie capital” of Europe

The UK has been called the sickness capital of Europe because 27% of employees think that it’s OK to take a day off sick when they aren’t ill. How can you send a clear message that this is unacceptable?


Liability for undisclosed disabilities?

If an employee fails to disclose their disability to you, can they later claim that they’ve been directly discriminated against? What’s the latest from the Employment Appeal Tribunal?


The 2019/20 NLW and NMW rates

The Chancellor has announced that the national living wage (NLW) will rise in April 2019. But what about the national minimum wage (NMW) and the so-called real Living Wage? Will they be changing too?


Company wind up - tax-saving strategies for directors

Having served its purpose you and the other director shareholders have decided to wind your company up. Before distributing its assets what steps can you take to increase tax efficiency?


Avoiding a child benefit tax trap

Deciding if the “high income child benefit charge” (HICBC) applies to you can be difficult. Thousands of individuals who were liable to pay the charge without realising it have been hit for penalties. How can you avoid a similar fate?


Can a pension payment turn a profit into a loss?

Usually your company makes a substantial pension contribution for its directors. But projections show only a modest profit for this year which won’t be enough to cover the pension payments. Is it still tax efficient for it to go ahead?


What’s changing with VAT and vouchers?

HMRC says that it’s simplifying the rules for VAT and vouchers. The trouble is the changes aren’t that straightforward. What exactly is changing and when will they take effect?


HMRC’s new self-assessment tool

HMRC has launched an online tool which allows you to check if you need to submit a tax return for 2017/18. It’s easy to access, simple to use but very misleading. What’s the full story?