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Parental bereavement leave and pay

From 6 April 2020 employees who lose a child or suffer a stillbirth at 24 or more weeks will have the right to two weeks’ statutory parental bereavement leave (SPBL). Is this paid time off?


Can you withdraw a verbal job offer?

A few days ago you phoned an interviewee to offer them a job which they accepted. Since then, things have changed and you don’t need to hire them now. As there’s nothing in writing, can you just withdraw your job offer?


Holiday pay calculation changes

On 6 April 2020 an important change will be made to the holiday pay reference period which is used to calculate holiday pay entitlement for employees and workers. What do you need to know?


HMRC publishes “Factsheet for contractors”

With only weeks to go before the new rules for off-payroll working apply, HMRC has produced a factsheet for those working through intermediaries. What’s the full story?


Recruitment: can you demand fluent English?

With Brexit looming, questions are being asked about how it will affect recruitment practices. One is whether employers will be able to insist that all job applicants must speak fluent English. What’s the answer?


Posting work-related information online

Many employees mention their profession, job title or role when posting on social media, blogs and knowledge-sharing websites. Can you prohibit them from mentioning work-related information?


Borrowing to lend to your company - what’s the tax position?

If you borrow money to inject into your company, you can claim tax relief for the interest you pay. But not all borrowing or interest qualifies and there are pitfalls that can cause you to lose the tax relief. How can you avoid these problems?


HMRC’s VAT “quick fixes”

One of the last acts of the EU before Brexit was to make ”quick fixes” to the VAT rules for intra-EU trade. These must be followed by UK businesses. What’s involved?


Join the club - it might be tax deductible

Our subscriber’s firm is in the north of England but he frequently visits London for business meetings. He’s joined a London club for a hefty fee as it offers convenient meetings rooms and a place to stay. Is the club membership tax allowable?


What will the VAT cost of Brexit be?

The Brexit transitional period is understandably causing confusion among businesses, including questions about extra VAT costs if you import goods from the EU after it ends. What can you really expect?


Businesses distracted by IR35

According to tax experts, the fuss over the changes to off-payroll working scheduled for April 2020 is causing businesses to overlook their normal obligations to check employment status. Are you taking the necessary steps?