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Fairly dismissed for refusing to wear a face mask

The tribunal has found that an employee who refused to wear a face mask whilst carrying out his work was fairly dismissed by the employer. Does this ruling mean that you can sack any employee who refuses to wear a mask?


Who’s most at risk from coronavirus?

The Office for National Statistics has published some analysis of deaths from coronavirus for those in the working age population. What has it concluded and how can the results help you to manage the risk?


Remuneration strategies for the old and new tax years

If you have control over the salary and dividends you receive from your company, this time of year is important for tax and NI planning. Especially this year if profits have been adversely affected by the pandemic. What factors should you consider for maximum tax efficiency?

coronavirus DISMISSAL

No jab, no job?

40% of employers say that they would be willing to dismiss an employee who refused to have a coronavirus vaccine. Is this grounds for dismissal?

TAX YEAR 2021/22

2021/22 - what’s new and to be aware of?

The start of a new tax year is always a cause of concern for anyone involved in payroll. There are so many new rates, thresholds and other changes to be incorporated. What are the key ones to look out for this time around?


Paid time off for the vaccine?

Every adult will be invited to receive a coronavirus vaccine at some point in the next few months. Is an employee entitled to paid time off if an appointment slot falls during their working hours?


Repaying your overdrawn director’s loan account

Over the last year you needed to borrow money from your company which pushed your director’s loan account into the red. You now want to clear the debt. What are your options and what potential tax pitfalls might there be?


Coronavirus ventilation guidance updated… again

Hot on the heels of its previous guidance on ventilating enclosed workplaces, the HSE has published a revised version. What new advice is included and what should you take into account?


Novice drivers at greater risk

Inexperienced drivers continue to be over-represented in fatal and serious road accident statistics. What are the latest figures and how should this influence your management of driving activities?


Update your coronavirus policy

If you put in place a coronavirus health and safety policy in 2020, it might well be out of date given the frequent changes in legislation and official guidance. Use our template to ensure that yours is still relevant.


Errors during chemical spill clean up

A global engineering company has appeared in court after four employees were exposed to a hazardous gas during a chemical spill clean up and suffered significant ill health. What were the circumstances of the case?