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Tax exemption for a virtual Christmas party?

Like other employers you might be considering an alternative to a staff Christmas party. There’s a diverse range of ideas for online get-togethers but if there’s a cost in providing the event will it count as a taxable benefit for your employees?


OK to ask about EU Settlement Scheme applications?

EU nationals who wish to continue living and working in the UK after 31 December 2020 must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Can you ask your employees who fall into this category whether or not they’ve applied?


HMRC tightens CIS rules

New rules will apply from April 2021 to make the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tougher. As a contractor or subcontractor in the industry what do you need to know?


Contributing to a homeworker’s winter heating costs

An employee working from home has asked for a financial contribution towards their winter heating bills because they will be higher this year. Are you obliged to contribute towards a homeworker’s household running costs?


Can a maternity returner demand part-time hours?

A full timer who is currently on maternity leave is claiming that she has a legal right to return work on a part-time basis. You believe that this type of request can be refused. Who is correct?


Can an employee withdraw their resignation?

An employee resigned amicably a few days ago. They’ve now said that they are withdrawing their resignation and will be staying on in your employment. Does an employee have the legal right to retract their resignation?


The risk of online parties

Like many employers this year, you might be holding a virtual annual party. As employees attend these social events from their own homes, is their behaviour your concern?


90% of homeworkers drink booze during working hours

In a survey of 1,300 homeworkers, most admitted to drinking during working hours. Whilst you can ban alcohol consumption during working hours for homeworkers, it’s difficult to police. What else could you do?


Brexit and EU Directives

Under the terms of the Brexit deal the UK is free to ignore any new EU Directives issued from 1 January 2021. But what about those that were already in the pipeline by then?


“Alzheimer’s” comment costs employer £900

An employer has been ordered to pay a former employee £900 because a manager asked her if she had Alzheimer’s when she made an administrative error. Why did the tribunal find that this question amounted to age discrimination?