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Former employee has submitted a grievance

A couple of weeks ago you parted ways with an employee. You thought that everything was fine, but your former member of staff has now submitted a written grievance. Are you legally obliged to deal with it?


Unfairly dismissed for stealing a sausage roll

An employee who was sacked for “stealing” a sausage roll has won her claim for unfair dismissal and been awarded £3,000. This included a 25% uplift for failure to follow the Acas Code. Where did the employer go wrong?


Can an employee sue you if they catch coronavirus at work?

Many employees are back at their normal place of work, either permanently or for the odd day. If such an employee catches coronavirus and claims this happened at work, can they sue you?


Tribunal procedure changes

Several important changes have been made to the tribunal procedure rules and Acas early conciliation (EC) process to ease the burden on the overloaded system. What do you need to know?


Can you ban staff from smoking at home?

In September 2020 it was reported that Hammersmith and Fulham Council had banned its employees from smoking when working at home because workplaces “must be smoke free” by law. Is this legal?


Full time to part time: calculating pay and holiday

One of your full-time employees is reducing their hours and moving to a permanent part-time working arrangement. What’s the safest way to calculate their pro rata pay and holiday entitlement?


New rules and lockdowns

With an increased number of reported cases and new restrictions in place, should you be bringing staff back to the workplace or keeping them at home?


Avoiding kitchen extraction fires

One of our subscribers has been told that they need to have their commercial kitchen extraction system cleaned more than once a year. Is this true, and if so, how often should it be done?


Mental health problems increase

The latest statistics show the lowest number of accidental deaths on record in the UK but a rising tide of mental ill health. What are the details?


Face covering is not respiratory protection

Coronavirus rules in workplaces might make workers more likely to cover their nose and mouth, but are they using the right protection where respiratory hazards are present? The HSE has highlighted some concerns.