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Are agency workers entitled to the same hours?

Many smaller employers rely on agency workers to meet their staffing needs. These workers have many legal rights, but are they entitled to the same number of contractual hours as directly employed comparators?


Can you be liable for offensive Facebook posts?

You’ve discovered that an employee has posted racially offensive content on their personal Facebook page. It’s been seen by at least one of their colleagues. Could you be held liable for their actions?


A handy alternative to share option plans

Your client wants to retain and incentivise a key member of staff. You have discussed the enterprise management incentive, but the company’s trade is excluded under the legislation. What alternative can offer the same benefits?


Use a tax return to reduce a private residence relief risk

A client has recently sold her main residence and believes the gain should be exempt due to private residence relief. Why can things get complicated, and might disclosing the full details on a return be a good idea?


New company: can the directors be paid before trading?

You have a new company as a client. It hasn’t started to trade yet, but the directors want to start taking a salary to ensure tax efficiency for the year. Is this permissible and tax deductible for the company?


Capital equipment: should it be bought personally?

Your client is the sole director and shareholder of a trading company. The company needs some new equipment to increase its output. The director thinks she should buy this personally as the capital allowances will then be relieved at 40%. Is she right?


Is a gift made to a company taxable?

A client has a customer who is particularly impressed with the service they received. They have made a gift of several cases of expensive champagne. This was sent to the company but intended for the directors and staff. What’s the tax position?


Shared parental leave - getting to grips with the paperwork

It’s fair to say that the shared parental leave and pay scheme is complex, and it requires rather a lot of paperwork to be completed. To comply with legislative requirements, what documents must be submitted by employees and by when?


What is not a disability?

Although you’re probably relatively familiar with the statutory definition of a disability, what you might not know is that there are some specific exclusions to that definition. When does the law say that a condition does not constitute a disability?


The dangers of disclosing legal advice

An employer who cherry picked a selection of documents for disclosure to an employee was held to have waived legal advice privilege in all the documents. Why was this?


National living wage to apply to 21 year olds

The government has set out its intention to lower the age threshold for the national living wage (NLW) to age 21. When is this likely to happen?


Dismissing older workers

Since the abolition of the statutory default retirement age, employees can, theoretically, continue to work indefinitely and you can’t dismiss them just because they’ve reached 65. What are your options for terminating the employment of older employees?