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Q&A - TV licences for work PCs?


Legal rights and obligations during probation

When you hire a new employee, it’s advisable to make their employment subject to the satisfactory completion of a probation period. During that period, what are their legal rights and what are your obligations?


Brexit and right to work checks

Now that Brexit has been pushed back to 31 October 2019, what does this mean for any right to work checks which you must carry out as part of the recruitment process?


Issuing an “improvement note” for poor performance

Acas has updated its guidance on how to deal with workplace disciplinary and grievance issues. One new development is the introduction of improvement notes. What are these and when should they be used?


Online shopper unfairly dismissed

An employee who was sacked because she used a work PC for online shopping during her breaks has won her claim for unfair dismissal and been awarded £16,000. What did her employer do wrong?


Flexible working refused - that’s £35,000!

An employee at the Department for Work and Pensions, who was refused a flexible working arrangement, has been awarded £35,677 compensation by the tribunal. Why was the award so high and what must you not do?


No meeting = constructive dismissal

An employee has won her claim for constructive dismissal at the Employment Appeal Tribunal after she was issued with a formal improvement notice by her employer. What did they do wrong?


Help to prevent skin cancer

In a bid to save lives, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is urging employers to implement “sun safety strategies”. Must you do this?


Royal Opera House loses hearing damage appeal

The Royal Opera House (ROH) has lost its appeal against a judgment which required it to pay £750,000 in compensation for hearing damage. What led to this landmark case, and what might the outcome mean for employers?


Worker threw crowbar at electrical connections

Following an incident which resulted in a worker suffering severe electrical burns, two companies have been prosecuted. What went wrong and what should have been done differently?


Better management needed to combat stress

Managers are being urged by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development to do more to improve wellbeing in the workplace. What were the findings of its latest survey?