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Deferred VAT - what’s the latest?

HMRC has published new guidance for businesses that used its VAT deferral scheme in 2020. The guidance relates to any additional VAT resulting from changes to your returns. What do you need to know?


Time to switch dividends for company pension contributions?

As a rule of thumb, dividends are the most tax-efficient way to extract profit from your company. However, company and personal circumstances can change that. Are pension contributions worth considering too?


Refusing to return after lockdown

When the lockdown restrictions are eventually eased many employers will start bringing employees back into the workplace. But what if an employee refuses to come back?


Sold your home - when do you need to report it to HMRC?

You sold your home and moved to a new one a few weeks ago. You thought all the paperwork was done and dusted but a friend now tells you that you need to tell HMRC about the sale or face a fine. Are they right?


Bank holidays during furlough

The furlough scheme is currently due to end on 30 April 2021. Between now and then there will be two bank holidays. What happens where a bank holiday falls during a period of furlough?


Asking about an employee’s coronavirus vaccine status

Coronavirus vaccines have now been approved and are being rolled out. Can you insist that an employee discloses whether they’ve had the vaccine or is it none of your business?


Getting your company to buy your home

You’re moving to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday. You already have a mortgage offer but as your company has the funds would it be more tax efficient for it to buy your new home?


Who’s most at risk from coronavirus?

The Office for National Statistics has published some analysis of deaths from coronavirus for those in the working age population. What has it concluded and how can the results help you to manage the risk?


Workplace coronavirus testing

Businesses with over 50 employees are being encouraged to bring in rapid coronavirus testing in the workplace. How does it work?


Protecting staff from inhalation of welding fume

The HSE has made occupational health a top priority and one key area of focus is the management of welding fume. If your staff carry out welding what do you need to know?


Crushed during machinery maintenance

A sawmill company has been prosecuted after an employee was killed whilst carrying out machinery maintenance. What happened and what measures can you adopt to ensure your staff are not put at risk?


Worker impaled by fork lift truck

The HSE has prosecuted a manufacturing company after two employees were seriously injured when working unsafely with a fork lift truck. What does the case tell us about effective monitoring and supervision?