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New guidance on company winding-up rules

HMRC has been forced to make changes to its approach to the anti-avoidance rule which can apply to shareholders who wind up their companies. What’s the full story?


Right to time off for public duties extended

On 1 October 2018 the statutory right to time off work to undertake public duties will be extended. Who will this right apply to and is the right to time off and pay for this reason unlimited?


Employee photos on websites and the GDPR

You would like to create a “meet the team” section on your website which has photos of all key staff and a description of their job role. Where do you stand on this legally now that the GDPR is in force?


How to check right to work documents

Before a job applicant takes up employment, you must check that they are allowed to work in the UK. You can verify this by checking certain documents. When the documents are produced, what should you be looking for?


Resignations to stay private?

In September 2018 Chris Evans shocked his bosses when he unexpectedly announced his resignation live on air. Can you insist that employees keep resignations private until you say otherwise?


Not back from annual leave as return flight cancelled

An employee has sent an e-mail saying they’ll be a few days late returning to work from annual leave as their flight back to the UK has been cancelled. As they say it’s not their fault, what should you do now?


Employee denied company vehicle wins £10,000

An employee who resigned after he was refused access to a company vehicle has won his claim for constructive dismissal. Does this mean that your employees have the right to demand a company vehicle?


Welsh income tax rate announced

From 6 April 2019 the Welsh government will have powers to amend the rate of income tax; it can already alter land transaction taxes. What changes are in store and who will they affect?


What’s the best time to draw your salary?

As a director of a small company you can more or less say how and when you would like your salary paid. The trouble is your total income varies each year which makes it tricky to decide what salary to take. Is there a way around this?


The great divide - demerging your business

Your company operates a few different trades each with unique requirements. You therefore want to split the company to simplify matters. The trouble is this can trigger hefty tax bills. How can you legitimately avoid them?