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Guidance note - alternative fuels

Guidance note - alternative fuels How much? A question we all ask ourselves each time we fill a vehicle with fuel. But are there any alternatives that will save both money and cut the amount of carbon the vehicle creates? There are, but you should ma... Read more

Office - energy saving checklist

Office - energy saving checklist As the costs of energy continue to rise it's important for businesses to reduce consumption by as much as possible. Our checklist provides some suggestions on how to achieve this in an office environment. Using our che... Read more

Environmental risk assessment

Our environmental risk assessment is in line with the latest guidance from the Environment Agency. It can be used to identify potential hazards and how they should be managed. New approach The Environment Agency (EA) has produced explicit guidance th... Read more

Flow chart - non conformances

To improve your environmental performance you need to recognise when things haven't gone well and do something about it. Use our flow chart to show staff what's expected. Non-conforming Within environmental management systems, especially those intended... Read more

Permit compliance checklist

Self-auditing is an important part of environmental compliance. Use our checklist to identify any shortcomings in arrangements. Complete an action plan that details how you will address any issues. Watchful eye When the Environment Agency (EA) issue... Read more

Register of environmental legislation - noise and nuisance

Register of environmental legislation - noise and nuisance This part of our Register of Environmental Legislation covers noise and nuisance issues. Nuisance covers a wide range of problems including fly tipping and grafitti. Why you need our register... Read more

Guidance note - hazardous waste minimisation

Getting rid of waste is an expensive business; some estimates put the cost at approximately 4.5% of annual turnover, so cutting the amount of hazardous waste being sent to landfill etc. will help the environment and your pocket Minimising your waste ... Read more

Guidance note - statutory nuisance - enforcement

If you're responsible for causing a statutory nuisance, you're likely to receive much interest from your local authority environmental health department. Our guidance document identifies how you should deal with the situation. Negative impact Councils ... Read more

Waste data summary

If you're serious about reducing waste and improving recycling rates, one of the first steps is to record how much waste is currently being disposed of. Use our waste data summary to note your findings. Less waste When implementing a waste reduction s... Read more

Water wastage survey

Wasting water not only costs you money, but energy is needlessly expended in bringing it to your door. Use our form to check out your arrangements and pinpoint problems. Time for a review? When managing premises it's easy to get bogged down in the det... Read more
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