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Misconduct checklist

Use this checklist to help you deal with an employee's misconduct. This will involve carrying out an investigation and then, if there is a case to answer, proceeding to a disciplinary hearing, after which you will need to consider the penalty and comm... Read more

Letter following receipt of medical certificate during suspension

Letter following receipt of medical certificate during suspension It's not uncommon for employees who are suspended from work pending a disciplinary hearing to get themselves signed off sick with anxiety, stress or depression. As the employee can't now... Read more

Dealing with poor performance checklist

This checklist is intended for cases where performance cannot be managed by the normal appraisal system, and the outcome may be dismissal if performance is not improved. Potentially fair dismissal reason Under the Employment Rights Act 1996 one of t... Read more

Director's service agreement

Director's service agreement Any director who is also an employee of the company should always be given a service contract. As well as ensuring there are no arguments over their status it should also minimise the possibility of any other misunderstand... Read more

Computer policy

Computer policy It's important in all office-based workplaces to have policy statements on the use of computers, e-mail and the Internet at work and on using the telephone. Our policy covers the essentials to protect your computer systems and networks... Read more

Cars and car allowances policy

Cars and car allowances policy You only need a policy statement on company cars or car allowances if you actually provide your employees with them. If only a couple of employees have company cars, you might find it easier to include the provision in ... Read more

Bonus payment clause

Bonus payment clause Only include a bonus payment clause in your contract of employment if you actually intend to pay a bonus to the particular employee. It's also always safer to make bonus payments discretionary rather than contractual entitlements,... Read more

Tribunal preparation checklist

If litigation cannot be avoided, the parties should prepare themselves as thoroughly as possible in order to bring or defend the case effectively. This checklist will help you prepare in the event that no resolution has been achieved and the claim is... Read more

TUPE employee liability information letter

TUPE employee liability information On a TUPE transfer, the transferor is obliged to notify to the transferee in writing the "employee liability information" of any employee who is assigned to the undertaking that is the subject of the transfer. Our le... Read more

Incapacity checklist

Use this checklist to help you manage employees who are absent for a long period or are persistently absent for short periods due to sickness or injury. Your procedure for managing sickness should be separate from your disciplinary procedure for all... Read more
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