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Cars and car allowances policy

Cars and car allowances policy You only need a policy statement on company cars or car allowances if you actually provide your employees with them. If only a couple of employees have company cars, you might find it easier to include the provision in ... Read more

EIS relief claim

When you make a qualifying enterprise investment scheme (EIS) investment, you have the right to offset the income tax relief against your tax bill for the year before you made the investment. How can you make this claim? EIS relief - generally When y... Read more

Claim for capital loss outside self-assessment

If you sell an asset for less than its base cost, you have a capital loss on your hands. How can you ensure you don't miss out on utiliisng it? Losses - generally When you sell capital assets - like shares - for less than you paid for them, you end up... Read more

Disincorporation relief claim

Given repeated attacks on the tax benefits of running a business through a company, you might decide to disincorporate. If you do this before 5 April 2018, you can use this claim form to secure disincorporation relief and avoid a tax charge. disincor... Read more

IHT spouse's domicile election

If you are married to a UK domiciled person, but you are non-UK domiciled, the intraspouse exemption for IHT is restricted. However, it's possible to make an election that removes this restriction using our new template letter. restricted spouse exemp... Read more

Claim to pay capital gains tax in instalments letter

For individuals, capital gains tax is payable by 31 January following the end of the tax year in which the gain occurred, e.g. 31 January 2019 for a gain made in 2017/18. Usually you'll have enough money from the transaction to pay the tax. However, p... Read more

Reducing payments on account letter

If you are in the self-assessment system you are required to make payments on account of your tax liability for a year ahead of submitting your tax return. They are payable if in the previous tax year you owed at least £1,000 of income tax and less ... Read more

Claim for private residence relief to apply to a former home

When a marriage fails, tax planning is vital and sometimes urgent or avoidable tax liabilities can arise. An example of this is capital gains tax and the matrimonial home. Where one spouse (or civil partner) moves out and transfers their interest to ... Read more

IR35 - prevention of double taxation claim

An individual can claim a deduction from their taxable income where it includes a deemed payment of salary under the IR35 rules and the same income, or part of it, is in the same or a later year, taxable as dividend income. This prevents the income f... Read more

Year-end tax planning checklist

Each tax year there are a number of tax allowances, exemptions and rate bands which if not utilised are essentially wasted as you cannot carry them forward. We've put together a handy checklist to help you avoid overlooking anything that might be avai... Read more
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