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E-commerce terms and conditions

E-commerce terms and conditions Having the right terms and conditions in place is an essential part of any successful e-commerce business. Use this checklist to make sure yours are up to scratch.... Read more

Internet selling

Internet selling It's a myth that selling anything in cyberspace is unregulated. It is actually highly regulated. Use this checklist to make sure your site is fully compliant and that any contracts made are legally binding.... Read more

Reporting accidents

Reporting accidents There's a legal obligation to report certain types of accident. Additionally, because accidents are a fact of life, as a business, it's important to have the correct paperwork and proper procedures in place to deal with them.... Read more


Maternity It's important to be fully aware of a pregnant employee's rights and to be able to handle things properly and correctly. Use this checklist to work through what's required of you.... Read more


Sickness Dealing with sickness absence is a perennial problem for most employers. Use this checklist to help keep the impact to a minimum.... Read more

How to arrange cover

How to arrange cover Finding the right source to arrange your insurance is an important part of the process. You can either go direct to the insurance company or through an intermediary.... Read more

What to do if your claim is rejected

What to do if your claim is rejected Don't just assume that your insurance company will pay out. It's not unknown for claims to be rejected. However, if this happens, all's not lost.... Read more

Challenging the Taxman's calculations

Can you challenge the Taxman's calculations? With self-assessment, there's an emphasis from the Taxman on records which seek to displace the profits shown in your accounts with an estimate based on a business economics exercise (BEN). How do you go abo... Read more

Dealing with a notice of enquiry letter

Dealing with a notice of enquiry letter An enquiry is an examination of a self-assessment return to check that it is correct and complete. Your involvement in an enquiry usually begins when you receive a letter asking you to send further information.... Read more

How to amend a tax return

What happens at the end of an enquiry? If the Taxman finds nothing wrong with your return, he should advise you of this and write to say so (in a closure notice). That is then the end of the matter. If he considers that there's something wrong, but do... Read more
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