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Sell your shares back to your company for less tax

You’re parting ways with your family company and leaving it to the next generation. The plan is for your company to buy your shares and for tax reasons ask HMRC to treat it as a capital transaction. But might there be a better option?


How is a day’s pay calculated?

There will be occasions where you’ll need to withhold a day’s pay, for example, if an employee takes unpaid leave. According to the Supreme Court, how should pay for that day be calculated?


Unfair dismissal - may the force be with you!

In Fower v Shine 2017 the employee, who had ten years’ service, was sacked after he took a day’s holiday at short notice. His subsequent claim for unfair dismissal failed. Why was this?


It’s too hot to work!

Record temperatures in June 2017 resulted in claims that it was too hot to work. What’s the legal position and what should you do on hot days?


Is the cost of entertaining a director tax deductible?

One of our subscribers, who runs a one-man company, wanted to know if he was entitled to a tax deduction for the cost of an extravagant meal with his partner following the completion of a successful contract?


A simple clause in your will could save thousands in tax

The terms of your will can significantly affect the tax payable by your estate, especially in the unlikely, but possible, event that you and your spouse die at the same time. How should you word your will to minimise inheritance tax?


Latest statistics on violence at work

Statistics from government sources have been collated to show the present risk of violence in the workplace. What does the study show and has the picture changed over recent years?


£2 million fine for falling bales accident

In April 2017 a company was given a large fine in connection with an accident in which a heavy bale of plastic fell on a worker. What happened and how can such accidents be prevented?


Authorising plant operatives

When you appoint someone as a plant operator you should complete a formal authorisation process which confirms that safe systems of work have been agreed by all parties. Formalise this process with our new document.


Nursery gave nuts to allergic child

A nursery in Godalming has been prosecuted after a child became seriously ill as a result of a nut allergy. What happened and how can you avoid the same mistakes in your business?